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Facials & Advanced Facial Therapies

Receive Luxury Facials and result driven techniques in my facial offerings. You'll receive clinical level treatments with a spa vibe.


"Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial"

50 minute $160.00

Advanced Series 1 Hour 20 minutes $185.00

$20.00 for Dermaplaning Services

"Advanced" Series includes a Celluma LED treatment, if time permits, & a Hand or Foot massage

Development of the Intraceuticals Treatment known as the “Oxygen Facial”, has been a revolution in the professional skincare market. For the first time offering a crossover treatment which validates the relaxation and pampering aspects of the services while delivering dramatic instant results with no down time. (intraceuticals official description. Some descriptions or verbiage throughout this article is from Intraceutuicals official site)

Your 50 minute and Advanced Series Facial includes the Red Carpet Facial you desire with instant results, using a patented delivery of a 3 step layering system of Hyaluronic Acid. Carried by a Patented Hyperbaric Bubble, Low, Medium and Larger molecular weighted hyaluronic acid is stratigically placed in order to ensure proper absorbtion onto your skin.

Choose between "Rejuvenate" for Deep Hydration; "Opulence" for Brightening & "Clarity" for our Acneic & Sensitive clients.

All Facials include a Neck and Shoulder massage. If you wish to include a Dermaplaning in a 50 minute facial, a neck and shoulder massage will not be included.

Woman with Hand on Face

"NanoPen" Facial" - a Nano-Microneedling Treatment

50 minute $160.00

Advanced Series 1 hour 20 minutes $185.00

$20.00 for Dermaplaning Services

The Advanced Series 1 hour 20 minutes includes a Celluma Light Series, if time permits, & a hand or foot massage

Active acne & open wounds or lesions, Capillaries & Rosacea skin types should not do this facial

"NanoPen"- unlike microneedling or nano microneedling (stainless steel needles) NanoPen uses a mono-crystalline silicone pyramid tip. Each disposable tip is designed into a grid like pattern smaller than a single strand of hair, making it non allergenic. This treatment works only on the stratum corneum and does not draw blood to the surface. Works on fine lines, wrinkles, skin tones, discoloration & texture. Excellent if you are looking to improve your overall luminosity. Zero downtime! Best Results every 2-4 weeks.

Female Model

HydroPeptide Customized Cleanse Facial

$130.00 for 50 minutes OR $165.00 for 1 hour 20 minutes

This facial offers a custom-tailored experience that allows for the choice of HydroPeptide products.

Additions included by choice of 1:

Dermaplaning, Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion, Foreo Deep Cleansing Facial Tool, Cryo-sculpting globes or High Frequency.

A Facial may or may not include a Facial Massage depending on concern or time. Your Facial does include Neck & Shoulder Massage. When combining Additions, time varies based on skin type and concerns.

All 1 hour 20 minute facials MAY include a hand or foot massage or a longer neck and shoulder massage if you choose. You may choose do a scalp massage in place of a hand or foot massage, or whichever combo you decide. I will always adjust to your preference.

Facial can be designed for Pregnancy, but do keep in mind to always consult with your doctor and 1st trimester timing.

Mud Mask

Express Custom Cleanse Facial & Express Back Treatment

50 minutes $150.00

Want to spoil yourself with two treatments that deliver care for your facial area and back. HydroPeptide and Epicuren Discovery work together to enhance your experience.

*If choosing a dermaplaning with your Express Customized Cleanse Facial, your mask and massage may be eliminated due to time.

Body Massage

Pure + Clear Back Treatment

50 minute $130.00 

ADD a "Customized Cleanse Express Facial" 90 minutes $185.00

For All Skin Types. Pregnancy contraindication >my bed cannot accommodate pregnancy in a laying face down position. 

You ever wanted to treat your back just like you do your facial treatments? Experience a luxury HydroPeptide facial for your back. Cleansing, exfoliation based on your needs, massage, Body masking, Serums and Moisturizers.
While your masking, indulge in a repairing Celluma Light Treatment with a hand and foot massage.
Dermaplaning or any additions is not included in the Customized Express Facial

The Beauty Spot Hilo is here to help you discover the beauty that lies within.

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Scalp Treatment Upgrade

$ 10.00

Let the nourishing phytonutrients of Moisture Reset Oil relax your scalp-strengthen your hair and skin at its source. Enjoy a deep relaxing scalp massage and Warm towel wrap. Perfect for all skin types and hair. Perfect addition to a Pure + Clear Back Treatment & a Customized Cleanse Facial.

Brighten & Glow Jelly Mask


An Advanced Brightening HydroPeptide Treatment using Tranexamic Acid, Matrix Fortifying Peptide Complex & Hyaluronic Acid. A Jelly Mask formula leaving you relaxed and nutured

Firming Vitamin C Mask


This HydroPeptide patented mask, contains pure vitamin c, delivered via a revolutionary dry-dot technology. Filled with collagen boosting & wrinkle relaxing peptides

Celluma LED Light therapy

30 minutes

Included in most 80 minute treatments and not used a stand alone treatment

(description taken from Celluma's official page, with a few alterations to the wording of patient to client or persons)

Foreo Microcurrent Lift by "Bear"


Micro-current can be added to any facial that wants an extra concentration of contouring or lifting of the nasal labial areas, cheeks and eyes.

* Can be chosen in "Customized Facial" 50 or 80 minute. (no charge)

Manual Extractions


For those of you that may need a little more work or not much at all. Some congestion may need a physical extraction to clean out your pores. Book this service whenever in doubt & it can always be adjusted in time is needed.

Facial Therapies: Services

Waxing Treatments

As of 2023 all waxing services will be discontinued.

I do highly recommend "Sugaring" a form of hair removal with "Abundant Beauty" by Delilah Perreira or "Iliko Sweet Skin & Sugaring" Candida owner and technician will guide your needs.

If you prefer waxing services Karen & Janice located inside More Good Hair Days will be able to accommodate your needs

Facial Therapies: Services
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