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Facials & Advanced Facial Therapies

If you have visited my space in the past, you do know that the room I rent is exposed to the salon. I do work in a space divided by a curtain, and though this is considered a barrier between clients, this may not be the assumed setup you may expect. 

My responsibility to you is to ensure that I work hard by keeping my space safe and sanitized. I had opened my business during a pandemic and only know how to care for my space in a pandemic way.

While receiving treatments with me you will be mask-less for the duration of your service. The Big Island has seen a huge spike in infections and you are the only client mask-less in the salon, so this is where is am concerned for you.

There are non vaccinated and vaccinated clients receiving services in the salon and are following guidelines of social distancing , contact tracing, temperature and mask wearing during their treatments.

Policies will change within the business when needed, and will be based on your safety and the safety of others. I will be contacting you individually as your services near.


I'm not Aging Gracefully


1 hour 20 minutes

All Skin Types, Mature ( micro-current cannot be used with heart conditions, please inquire for alternative)

For Ladies or Men 50 years and older. A correction treatment that turns back the hands of time. A Contouring Facial Mask by Esthemax, helps tone and tighten your skin. See it work your skin. Micro-current is used to tone and lift facial muscles. 

*MicroCurrent stimulates the ATP (adenosine triphosphate) which leads to the creation & stimulation of structural proteins, such as collagen & elastin. This is a workout for your face, stimulating muscle, training & firming the tissue to relearn the youthful you.

Considered to be botox's natural replacement, as botox creates atrophy in your muscles.*

This facial will include a Face, Neck & Shoulder massage & a Hand or Foot Massage

Female Model

Customized For Me Facial


1 hour

A Facial designed for all skin types. Let me choose your destination, or you can pick your path below.

A facial designed for you based on your skins needs. Your facial will include 1-2 of the following. You may choose or I can choose for you.

May Include:

Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion, Dermaplaning, Cryotherapy Facial Massage, Sonosilk Deep Cleansing or High Frequency.

Facial Includes a Facial Massage & Neck & Shoulder Massage. Facial also can be organic by request, and suitable for Pregnancy

Pink Gua Sha massage tool and dry flower

"Spa-licious Facial"


50 minutes

All Skin Types

This indulgent Facial pampers you with a Aromatherapy Facial Massage using Katari or Vitality Oils. A Rose Quartz Facial Roller is used to drain & detox you. A full face Rose Quartz Facial Masque finishes your massage by comforting your skin with benefits of calming , toning and lifting, while working on your heart shakra. 

Your Jade Roller is using  a "Cryo Massage"- a cold therapy massage used to help soothe rosacea, inflamed or redness influenced skin types. Great for Sun damaged or outdoor skin types looking for antioxidant repair. 

This facial is designed to bring the spa to you, Relaxation, Hydrating & Loving.

Includes a Facial, Neck & Shoulder massage

Woman in a Spa

Peel Series Facial

$260 for Four, or $75.00 for One.

20 minutes each for 4 Bi-monthly (every 2 weeks each treatment advancing each session & frequency will be decided with a skin evaluation.

or 30 minutes for one Refresher Peel Service

This Facial is designed for the person that wants to either work on Texture or Pigmentation, Fine lines or Wrinkles, Collagen & Elasticity in their skin. Skin Peels are designed to work on the surface of the epidermis and slightly below with different acids based on their skin type or need. You will sometimes experience severe dryness or peeling in areas such as the forehead, nasal labials, upper cheek areas, chin or mouth or around the eyes. This facial is designed to get in there and you could experience a minor breakout if underlying bacteria has been disrupted. This is not a negative result & your skin is letting go. With all Professional Facials Advanced Skincare for your home-care is always recommended to get the best result.

Please note that this is Not a Spa facial, does not include facial massage, but a quick neck and shoulder while skin peel is setting. Not intended for relaxation purposes.

Woman with Hand on Face

"NanoPen" Facial" - a Nano-Microneedling Treatment

1 Hour & 20 minutes $180

All Skin Types except Active acne, open wounds or lesions.

"NanoPen"- unlike microneedling or nano microneedling (stainless steel needles) NanoPen uses a mono-crystalline silicone pyramid tip. Each disposable tip is designed into a grid like pattern smaller than a single strand of hair, making it non allergenic. This treatment works only on the stratum corneum and does not draw blood to the surface. Works on fine lines, wrinkles, skin tones, discoloration & texture. Excellent if you are looking to improve your overall luminosity. Zero downtime! Best Results every 2-4 weeks.

"Elementals skincare is used in conjunction with Nano-Pen" 

Includes a Cleansing, Exfoliation, Booster Serum, Masque, LED Lighting, Shoulder & Neck & a hand or foot massage.

Package series available:

4 treatments $160.00 ea. Total w/tax $670.16. Treatments must be done every 2 weeks & package is purchased in full before treatments. Cannot be combined  with Loyalty Program. $20.00 savings per Facial

Beautiful Model

24 Karat Gold Facial

1hour 20 Minutes $160.00

All Skin Types except Acneic & Nickel type Allergies, or Excema, Atopic Dermatitis or Psorasis.

99.9% Esthemax 24Karat Certified Gold application patches & Esthemax Australian Sheep Placenta Hydrojelly Mask is used to assist in the Ultimate Anti-aging Facial for Dull, Sagging Skin. Uneven Skin tones, Sun damage will renew & rejuvenate.

Facial includes: a Facial Massage, Neck & shoulder, Hand or Foot massage.

LED Light Therapy or diamond tip microdermabrasion (may or may not be used, based on need of skin-type)

The Beauty Spot Hilo is here to help you discover the beauty that lies within.



So much more to give


20 minutes $50.00

A exfoliating skin treatment using a Straight blade to remove dead skin cells & superflous facial hair. If considering to use this for a lip hair removal, considering waxing if hair is thick, not used for a hair removal treatment.

  • Included in "Customized for Me Facial"- request if interested when choosing this facial

  • Can be added to a "NanoPen Facial", "24 Karat Gold Facial", "I'm Not Aging Gracefully", "Spa-licious Facial", "Peel Series Facial" & "Hydrafacial MD Facial" treatments

HydroJelly Facial Masks 

by Esthemax Pro

5-8 minutes or longer based on need $20.00. (Replaces original mask in facial- this is an upgrade mask)

 Hydro Jelly is the newest generation of peel off masks. Infused with electrolytes, Botanical's & Algae, nothing else is out there. Aesthetician will choose based on skin care & condition. Can be added to any facial or Hydrafacial MD treatments

"Intensive Aftercare" for aftercare relief, calming & blemish reduction.

 "Cica Complexion Care" Intensive Scar Treatment- collagen boosting

"Illuminating" Pigmentation & Spot Reduction

"Skin Warrior" Firming & Elasticity, Anti-aging

"Spot Diminishing ALA" 5 Aminolevulinic Acid + Blue LED Light- Acneic w/Papules, Cysts & Nodules, Oiliness & Ingrowns

"VampirePLLA Infusion" A Poly-L Lactic Acid - Loss of Firmness , Sagging, Puffiness

"Super Greens Strength" Rejuvenating & Vitality for All Skin Types that are stressed

"Antioxidant Goji" Regenerating & Radiance All skin Types, Sun Damaged or Dull

"Phyto-Nutrients Blast" Fortifying & Nourishing for Uneven Skin Texture, Dryness Fine Lines & Wrinkles


10 minutes $20.00

Finish your facial with a flawless finish that heals and conceals. A Color matched to your skin tone.

  • Can be added to any facial, but not recommended with "Peel Series Facial"

LED Light Therapy

20 minutes $ 20.00

LED Light Therapy ( Light emitting diode therapy) is used for many conditions with the aid of varying wavelengths of light. A FDA cleared treatment & medically proven to help reduce visible signs of aging & sun-damage. Control acne and heal the skin.

  • Included in "I'm not aging Gracefully" & "NanoPen Facial" & "24 Karat Gold Facial

  • Can be added to "Customized for Me Facial" & "Spa-licious Facial"

SonoSilk Skin Scrubber

$20.00 ( time varies based on deep cleaning & serum infusion)

The Sonosilk Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber Peels, Exfoliates, Infuses & Rejuvenates your skin. Sonosilk uses Ultrasound Vibration to break apart water molecules from a liquid state to a evaporated state to effectively exfoliate & deep clean your skin. Using a Blue LED light during the treatment to combat all bacteria & pore build up.

May be included in "Customized for Me Facial"

or added to "I'm not aging Gracefully", "Spa Licious Facial".

Not necessary to add to any "Hydrafacial Treatments

Manual Extractions

20 minutes $20.00 (time will vary based on need) Add this if you want to concentrate on larger removal areas

For those of you that may need a little more work or not much at all. Some congestion may need a physical extraction to clean out your pores. Book this service whenever in doubt & it can always be adjusted in time is needed.

Micro-current  Eye or Lift 

10 minutes (based on need) $30.00

Micro-current can be added to any facial that wants an extra concentration on Eye contouring or lifting of the nasal labial areas.
* This is included in "I'm not Aging Gracefully"
**Can be added to "Spa-licious Facial" "Customized for Me Facial" & "24 Karat Gold Facial"
*Do not recommend adding it to "Peel Series Facial"

Hydrafacial Additions

$50.00 each and can be added to any facial, included in your Hydrafacial MD treatments

"Hydrafacial Deep Cleanse"- Want to kick up your cleansing with any facial? This Deep cleansing step by Activ-4 of Hydrafacial will help eliminate oils, & dead skin cells. 

"Hydrafacial Extractions"- Looking for help with deeper congested skin? This addition using Beta HD of Hydrafacial will help eliminate blackheads and congested skin.

"Hydrafacial Deep Hydration"- Sometimes you need a deeper penetration of hydration.

Collagen Hand Mask

10 minutes $15.00

Spice up your facial with a Collagen Hand Mask. Worried about your hands aging faster.  Infuse your hands with a Collagen Hand Mask, followed with a Hyaluronic Acid infusion & a Repair Cream to seal in your hydrating benefits 

Collagen Foot Mask

10 minutes $15.00

Enhance any facial with a Collagen infused Foot Mask. Dry, tough skin doesn't have a chance with an infusion of Collagen followed by a Hyaluronic Acid application & a Repair Cream


Waxing Treatments

Waxing isn't for everyone. If you find that you are sensitive or allergic in the past, we can always test patch you to see your response to our brands.


Virgin Eye Brows

30 minutes $35.00

For new clients that haven't waxed in a while or at all. Where your growth is full grown & your original waxing has dissappeared. Starting from scratch

EyeBrows Maintenance

25 minutes $25.00

For my clients who continue to maintain, must not wait more than 8 weeks between waxing. Includes trimming. Reshaping is under "Virgin Eye Brows"


10 minutes $10.00

Bottom & top of your lips is included.


10 minutes $20.00

Full removal of underam hair